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Mission and Standard of Excellence

The Maid by Earth community is made of people who believe that we can change the world, and that we can best do this by making small changes in the way we do things right in our own homes.


Maid by Earth aims to:

  • Help to continuously improve the sustainability and environmentally friendliness practiced in homes through education and the services provided by the Maid by Earth community of business owners
  • Help grow and support small local green cleaning businesses who operate with our standards of excellence

Standards of Excellence

The Maid by Earth community of independent business owners agree to practice with these standards:

  • Using the most environmentally friendly products available
  • Assisting families to continuously improve their practices of green and sustainable living
  • Providing highest quality professional cleaning services

If you are a small independent local cleaning business and are interested in joining our community please contact us for more information.


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