Coffee Grounds: Natural Cleaning Tips

Coffee Grounds

Chances are, if you’re a java hound, you have lots of coffee grounds you’ve been throwing on your compost pile. But did you know you can get a whole host of uses out of the grounds first?

–wrap them in a square cloth, rubber band the cloth together, and use them to scrub dishes.

–rub them on your hands to eliminate the smell of garlic, onions, or fish.

–drop them on plants to keep pests away

–dilute them in water, and rinse your dog with them. They’re an all natural flea rinse!

Also try…

Using regular water to clean mirrors and glass. It’s streak free, odor free, and really works!

Use old newspaper instead of paper towels when cleaning glass and mirrors, too. They work just as well, and you can still recycle them.

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