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January 21, 2012

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Coffee Grounds Chances are, if you’re a java hound, you have lots of coffee grounds you’ve been throwing on your compost pile. But did you know you can get a whole host of uses out of the grounds first? –wrap them in a square cloth, rubber band the cloth together, and use them to scrub dishes. –rub them on your hands to eliminate the smell of garlic, onions, or fish. –drop them on plants to keep pests away –dilute them in water, and rinse your dog with them. They’re an all natural flea rinse! Also try… Using regular water to clean mirrors and glass. It’s streak free, odor free, and really works! Use old newspaper instead of paper towels when cleaning glass and mirrors, too. They work just as well,...

January 21, 2012

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The Onion Oh my, you’re thinking. But the humble onion has a rather magical ability. You know that dark funky smell all basements seem to have? –Cut an onion in half, and leave one half downstairs overnight. Amazingly, onions are great odor-eaters. This is a wonderful way to clear away any funky stench, including paint smells and deep fried odors. If you hate the way an onion smells on your hands afterwards, try rinsing them with vinegar. It works wonders.

January 21, 2012

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Lemon Juice When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade…or a powerful disinfectant, air freshener, or eco-polish! Why not use lemon juice to…. –Clean your cutting board. Rub the lemon on the board, let it sit, rinse, and air dry. Lemon juice removes stains AND kills germs. –Clean laminate countertops—just scrub the lemon over them, and then wipe clean. –Don’t you hate it when you get rust marks on your clothes? Get rid of unsightly marks by applying rub juice on top of the stain. Sprinkle cream of tartar over the top, rub it in, and let it sit until the rust dissolves. 15-30 minutes should do the trick. –Freshen up your whites: mix half a cup lemon juice, or even just a handful of sliced lemons, into a...

January 21, 2012

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Distilled White Vinegar— This humble item packs a powerful punch, and can kill most mold, bacteria, and germs. Nontoxic, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, vinegar has been beloved for its cleaning properties for centuries. Use Distilled white Vinegar to…. –cut grease on dishes when you wash by hand. Just pour a little into your hot water. –a bit of salt mixed with vinegar polishes chrome fixtures. –clean countertops. Just sweep them with a cloth moistened with a little undiluted white vinegar. –deodorize your drain: pour down some baking soda, and then some hot vinegar. Flush with hot water. –deodorize your garbage disposal! Freeze vinegar in an ice cube tray. Run a few cubes down your disposal system while also running cold water. –clean your microwave! Pour half water and half vinegar...

January 21, 2012

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Baking Soda—You probably already know that baking soda is a powerful odor eater. You may already keep a box in your fridge to combat food smells (make sure to refresh the box at least every three months) but did you know you can use baking soda to clean just about everything? Here, try this… –sprinkle baking soda in your crisper drawers, and then cover with a folded towel. No more peculiar vegetable smells. –remove food stains from surfaces by scrubbing with a baking soda paste. –sprinkle the bottom of your trash can and laundry bins. –sprinkle baking soda on damp cloth and wipe to clean surfaces –clean your silver. Use a mix of 3 parts baking soda, 1 part water, rub, rinse, and dry with soft cloth. –is your floor...

January 21, 2012

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Your home will smell fresh and wonderful. You’ll save up to hundreds of dollars a year—and more if you’re cleaning nonresidential areas. Green cleaning products like lemon juice, vinegar, and coffee grounds are far less likely to aggravate asthma or headaches. Improved air quality. This means heightened productivity! Green cleaning products are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, young children, and the elderly. You don’t have to worry when your pets come into contact with green products, either. You will consume far fewer chemicals—think how often your food touches the countertop in your kitchen. If your countertop harbors dangerous chemicals, then you will ingest those same industrial chemicals. Many cleaning products, air fresheners, and mold removers have been found to actually DOUBLE your risk of breast cancer if you clean...