Baking Soda: Natural Cleaning Tips

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Baking Soda—You probably already know that baking soda is a powerful odor eater. You may already keep a box in your fridge to combat food smells (make sure to refresh the box at least every three months) but did you know you can use baking soda to clean just about everything?

Here, try this…

–sprinkle baking soda in your crisper drawers, and then cover with a folded towel. No more peculiar vegetable smells.

–remove food stains from surfaces by scrubbing with a baking soda paste.

–sprinkle the bottom of your trash can and laundry bins.

–sprinkle baking soda on damp cloth and wipe to clean surfaces

–clean your silver. Use a mix of 3 parts baking soda, 1 part water, rub, rinse, and dry with soft cloth.

–is your floor marred with scuff marks or grease stains? No more! Sprinkle baking soda and wipe with a warm, wet cloth. Presto.

–clean stubborn parts and pans. Sprinkle with soda, fill with hot water, let soak. Even burnt-on food particles would come off easily.

–clean every surface in your bathroom (except the mirror) with a baking soda paste. Scrub, wipe, polish. Your bathroom will gleam.

–clean your hairbrush by soaking it in hot water and baking soda. Rinse and air dry.

–Keep your drains clean by pouring a quarter cup of baking soda down the drains every week. Flush with hot water.

–Do you have chairs or rugs that smell a bit funky? Sprinkle baking soda on, let sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum. Spot test first.

–A bit of baking soda dusted over an ash tray will help to combat the smell of stubs.

–sprinkle your dog with baking soda, and then give him a good brushing. A quick fix when you’ve got company coming over.

–sanitize your children’s toys: soak them in a pail of hot water with ¼ cup baking soda thrown in. Rinse and let dry in the sun. You can also wipe the toys with a rag dipped into the pail.

–treat stained clothing with a baking soda paste before washing. Also try replacing half your laundry detergent with baking soda; clothes will smell fresh, and your detergent will go farther.

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