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Do what you loveTake us personally, we are a community

Maid by Earth is not just an ordinary cleaning company… we are a collective, a local community of people who have our own independent cleaning businesses. We are a community that shares the same values, standards and resources. The Maid by Earth community is made of people who love what they do, and are successfully running their own local independent cleaning businesses. Business owners who value being eco-friendly and adhering to a collective standard of excellence. Click here to learn more about the Maid by Earth community standard of excellence.

Change the worldChange the World

We believe that changing the world happens through becoming a little more conscious in the small everyday things. We believe that little thoughtful things count. That’s why the Maid by Earth standard of excellence includes a few thoughtful little perks, like checking to see if you need anything from the store on our way over, or dropping off your unwanted items at a local donation centre, or helping you set up better systems in your home for recycling, composting or home organization. We aim to change the world by helping our families in all those little ways that really do matter.

Do what you love! (…and leave the rest to us)

We believe that doing what you love matters. That’s why we want to clean for you. So that you can spend more of your time doing what you love, maybe that means spending more time with your family, pursuing your dreams, or planning that vacation. Our community is built of people who love what they do and enjoy the rewarding work of making life just a little more awesome for others.